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Influence et blogging: Vie Nomade

Travel and culture: towards a positive tourism

  • Do you wish to attract an alternative tourism, interested by culture, local customs and nature?
  • Do you wish to put forward the heritage, the traditions, the innovations and the characters of your country or region?
  • Do you wish to communicate to an independent and respectful readership, between 28 and 45 years old, travelling solo, as a couple, or with close friends?

Vie Nomade is all this, but also…

  • a strong and committed and community, since 2008
  • 22’000 unique visitors et 46’000 page views per month
  • 15’000 fans on social media channels (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
  • an excellent DA (44), a SEO investment for long-term results

Vie Nomade targets only a french-speaking audience.

Often the details make a difference

Your brand image is in good hands: expert style of language, eye for detail, excellent reputation and strong experience in communication allow me to consistently and beautifully contribute to the reputation of your business.

Vie Nomade is also…

  • More than 15 years of experience in communication, project management, online writing, photography and graphic design.
  • A network of creatives and influencers with complementary skills and angles: an asset for perfect campaigns!
  • A collaboration with a professional movie director, specialized in travel and outdoors (shorts-movies, storytelling)
  • Intimate and poetic stories, where the reader can identify himself
  • Detailed travel informations and guides with top notch SEO
  • Sales! (measured with affiliation programs)

Recognitions and past clients

Vie Nomade…

  • has collaborated with the National Tourism Office of Germany, Atout France, Destination Canada, Amazing Thaïland, Interrail, KAYAK,  and many others (references available on demand)
  • is a member of the Swiss Travel Writers Club that recognizes her as a professional media
  • has been nominated, and ended up second at the Clic d’Or 2017 by ADONET (association of foreign national tourism boards)

Le travail qu’a fourni Corinne lors de notre collaboration a été exemplaire : la personnalité, l’investissement et la réflexion qu’elle insuffle dans la réalisation de Vie Nomade sont particulièrement appréciables et admirables. Autant dans le résultat que dans le suivi du projet, Corinne a fait preuve d’un grand professionnalisme. Ce fut un plaisir de travailler ensemble. A. Kabanoff, Interface Tourism

C’est grâce à des sites comme le tien que j’ai envie de partager mes voyages à mon tour: ça m’a donné le coup de pouce pour assumer cette partie de ma vie qui ne s’épanouit que dans les voyages, et si à mon tour, je peux faire partie de cette chaîne de voyageurs qui donne envie aux autres, je trouverais ça vraiment génial. Nathalie, lectrice de Vie Nomade



Examples of work

To give you an idea of what Corinne does, here’s a selection of articles on various angles and styles.

  1. Portraits / A corsican portrait: Josiane, chocolatière conteuse 18th of June 2015
    Josiane knows that anything can make a good story. In her variety of 110 chocolates, there’s one made with boletus. I don’t fancy mushrooms, but this one speaks to me in a delicate tongue.
  2. Culture / Au kibboutz, l’amour comme solution 30th of May 2016
    Here, people are masters in the art of giving a new life to things: a natural reflex, no questions asked.
  3. Short-movie / Ma Barcelone, dans le goût de ton café 28th of June 2016
    A tribute to all the love (and coffee stains!) that I let there (with English subtitles).
  4. Nature / Forêt-Noire, nature sans barrières 2nd of Septembre 2016
    Would someone have told me that I could, one fine day, hike with my friend Audrey that I wouldn’t have believed it. Audrey and her valiant charger on wheels (130kg of weight, that chair!) at my side, on forest paths and hill tops.
  5. Road trip / Road trip en Abitibi-Témiscamingue 28th of July 2016
    « Convenience store 41km away », says the sign in the middle of nowhere. After six hours of travel, we finally stop for our first first discovery stage.
  6. Video reportage, culture / Les châteaux du bon sens 18th of April 2016
    The epic tagline of the castellers of Catalunya? Strength, balance, bravery and common sense (with English subtitles).
  7. Alternative / Un tatouage, pour une guerrière 1th of March 2015 (1550 mots)
    The magic that was protecting me, it was my own energy. It was the berserker spirit, smash opening any obstacle on my path.
  8. City Break / Zürich, une ville à manger des yeux 21 mars 2016
    Wether you shortly stop-over or take time specially for Zürich, you will find there everything needed to flatter your senses.
  9. Beautiful Destinations / Malte, poudre de sel, poudre de soleil 18 mai 2016
    Four days only to take Malta’s temperature. This country-island has always made me curious: right under my Italy, but barely Italian?
  10. Guides / Mes bons plans à La Valette 29 avril 2016
  11. Food / Montréal’s Fast Food! 18 février 2016
    My fast food? I’ll take it gourmet, please!
  12. Inspiration / « Je ne gagnerai pas ma vie à la perdre » 12 juin 2014 (501 mots)
    Can it really go wrong when we truly love? Inspiration in the Aveyron region, at Soulages’ and Bras’.
  13. Atmosphere & personal / Fahrt endet hier (la course se termine ici) 16 août 2016
    And old friendship and an old romance meet in Berlin for a most intriguing New Years’ Eve.

Par Corinne Stoppelli

Je suis Corinne, un petit oiseau libre. Sans domicile fixe depuis 2010, je sillonne la planète à la recherche d'inspiration et de points de vue différents. Sur Vie Nomade, je partage mon regard sur le monde, le temps et le changement, d'une plume sincère et d'un objectif curieux et ouvert. En savoir plus?

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